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How to grow my wellness business without wasting money on useless marketing strategies?

There is no magic formula or empty promises, and it does not matter if your customer wants to treat, or prevent a problem because we know them and how to target them

We do help your business to reinforce a positive new beliefs on your customer, we shape emerging habits with new offerings, align its message to consumer mindsets.


Let's transform time constraints into efficient time management, achieving consistent market presence?

We have a streamlined and efficient marketing systems designed specifically for wellness practitioners, so you can focus on what you do best. Our program include Landing page development and strategy, storytelling video production, Facebook and Google ad campaigns, and also collab with influencers to enhance your organic reach.

Some e-commerces that we work with are earning an average of $10.20 for each $1 invested while the b2b ones are paying an average of $27.12 for each qualified lead that we generate through paid ads campaigns.

Brands that work with Kofe have more meaning, direction, effectiveness, and a more dynamic operating model.

We're keen to make every marketing dollar count for you too and support your business to thrive, providing you time, effectiveness, growth, and money. 

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You don't have time for Marketing? 
We get it!
You need to focus on your business?
We got you!

Over a 30 minute video call, we will assess your biggest marketing problem and deliver a solution to start getting you results.

What will you get?

  1. Mind Mapping for Problem Solving (Gain a broader perspective to reduce costs)

  2. Digital Marketing Benchmark (in-depth analysis of trends, technologies and channels) 

  3. High Converting Landing Page Audit (easy for clients to buy your products/services)

  4. Data and trendlines related to your niche and audience

  5. Insights into industry landscapes and opportunities to explore

  6. SEO Strategy (cost-effective digital strategy generates high return on investment)

  7. A content creation scope (defining concepts/ideas for monthly marketing campaign)

  8. Guidance on selecting and prioritising marketing tasks

  9. One Page KPI's (data-driven strategies)

  10. Non-negotiable deadlines (Consistency is the key)

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This is how success looks like.

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Ready to put your wellness business on the map?

Treinador Crossfit

+ time
+ effectiveness 
+ presence
+ purpose
+ trust

= money and piece of mind.

According to United Nation Global Compact, 60%+ of the new generation of consumers are attracted to brands based on the brands’ ethical values and purpose. 

Purpose and data guides our decisions - that's why we really engage with your company to deeply understand its market, history and why.

We know how to deal with advertising budgets of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

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Need more time and deals done?

The way we implement marketing could be compared to drinking a coffee mug. There's no secret, mystery or hidden action.

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Kátilla Santos

Kofe helped me to leverage my business revenue by around 40% in only 7 months. I recommend and also intend to continue with this incredible partnership for a long time.

We've built
campaigns for purpose-driven brands

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and let us show how we can be part of your success.

Let's scale your business?

Fill the form below to take the first step. One of our specialist will reach you out to. You have nothing to lose, but your business to thrive. #wellness #growth #purpose #marketing #sales

Thank you

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