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Looking to grow your wellness business without wasting money on flawed marketing strategies?


Ever felt the frustration of spending money on marketing with zero results? Or perhaps you're in the dark about what your agency is doing with your marketing campaigns as they are not specialists on selling wellness products and services?


You're not alone. Many business owners share these concerns, and we're proud to say we've positively impacted the lives of 26 healthy business owners in the past 2 years that also used to have problems like these, leveraging their revenue about 3, 5, or even 7x

Discover our Wellness Marketing Program — your answer to these challenges. We are the trusted marketing professionals you've been searching for. Specialising in the health and wellness industry, our focus is on growing businesses like yours in the short run by applying marketing in an easy way.

We do help wellness business to reinforce a positive new beliefs on their customer's mind, shape emerging habits with new offerings ensuring it's all aligned with a positive message. Whether your customers seek treatment or prevention, we understand them and precisely target their needs.

Ready to attract more customers, achieve effectiveness, and see your bank account grow? Let's make it happen together.

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Daniel, AUS

Kofe helped me to leverage my business revenue by 31% in only 7 months. I highly recommend for all my friends who have businesses around Asia-pacific.

 Sipra, NZ

I managed to generate 13 new patients in the second month afther adhering to Kofe's program, and also our organic engagement have increased considerably. It's soo nice to see that a simple switch in our messaging makes everything works better. Thanks guys!

Arima, BR

Kofe have helped me with end-to-end management across marketing campaigns and podcasting for my business. Always very attentive and data-driven, I feel warmed-welcome. Thank you Andre and Matheus!

Book a 30-minute video call where we will provide an external perspective on your business and discuss what we would do if given the opportunity to market it. You have nothing to lose, only a business to thrive.

Don't have time for Marketing? 
We get it!
Need to focus on your business?
We've got you covered!

How does our Wellness Marketing Program help your

business to have a healthier bank account?

  1. We provide time for you to develop your business: We take care of research, creation, planning, and execution of campaigns.

  2. We provide more security and confidence: Having more time and people thinking together with you will increase your confidence, and your decisions will be more accurate.

  3. We will help you make more money: We have been studying, living, and applying strategies in the Health and Wellness industry for at least 30 months. More time, good people, and smart decisions bring in more money. Furthermore, our proven experience in managing marketing campaigns speaks for itself: Some of our clients earn $8 for every $1 invested in Google Ads.

  4. We will provide you with growth and satisfaction: More money means more quality time doing what you love, expanding your business, and connecting with new people to create even more solutions and make even more money.

Smart solutions to make your brand the hottest in the market


Apply now and get more details about our Wellness Marketing Program.

You embark on entrepreneurship in the Health & Wellness sector, dedicating yourself to the well-being of others. Now, let us handle your marketing to grant you more time, effectiveness, and financial gains. Reach out, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain in terms of growth.

Thank you

Treinador Crossfit

+ accuracy
+ traffic 
+ effectiveness
+ clarity
+ consistency

= money and piece of mind.

According to United Nation Global Compact, +60% of the new generation of consumers are attracted to brands based on the brands’ ethical values and purpose. 

Our results speak volumes. E-commerce partners see an average return of $10.20 for every $1 invested, while B2B clients achieve an impressive $27.12 for each qualified lead generated through our paid ad campaigns.

The best marketers are those who ask the right questions and possess active listening skills, enabling them to extract the best from the company and transform it into positive campaigns and messages. This is one of our greatest strengths: Understanding your business and market, creating messages that resonate and move your audience through the buying process.

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Our fresh ideas will make your wellness business growth.

We've developed an efficient marketing program tailored for wellness practitioners, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

It includes landing page development, strategic storytelling, and impactful campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, and Google, complemented by influencer collaborations for enhanced organic reach.

Brands working with Kofe gain meaning, direction, effectiveness, and a dynamic operating model. We're dedicated to making every marketing dollar count, providing you with time, effectiveness, growth, and financial success.

We've successfully delivered narratives
and results ($$$) for memorable brands.

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