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Wellness Marketing: How to be found without breaking the bank.

Hey guys! What's up?

It's Andre again, on the pickups! 🕺🏻 I mean... the desk (heh)! ✍🏽

Who knows me knows that I'm a music and business lover and, speaking about business... Attracting customers for your wellness business, especially in the initial stages, can be challenging, and advertising expenses can add up quickly, right?

Fortunately we know some cost-effective marketing methods to promote your health business online – all without spending a dime and we'll open the book for you now, so take your notepad, take a breath, and let's learn!

First things first: Register Your Business with Google My Business today.

If you want to build a healthy multimillion-dollar company that helps people, you need to do the basics first. Listing your business on Google My Business so that it's easy to find, providing basic information, and even showcasing reviews is a free way to attract potential customers interested in your products or services.

Here's how to do it:

Ease of Registration:

Sign in to your Google/gmail account and visit Google My Business.

Complete Your Profile:

Input your business address, website, and operating hours. Showcase your recent work or products with relevant photos.

Categorise Your Business:

Add key categories that represent your business and its details such as location, logo, photos, features, description.

In less than 30 minutes, you'll be on your way to a more prominent online presence!

wellness marketing

Facebook didn't die: Start using it now by engaging on different groups and communities!

Admittedly, the reach and engagement on Facebook pages have declined somewhat given the rise of TikTok, threads, and even Instagram's internal platforms like Reels and YouTube Shorts.

However, there is still a powerful tool on Facebook called groups and communities.

Being active, engaging, and posting interesting content in different groups can be transformative and bring unexpected growth and networking.

The initial stage of your business is when people need to know you exist, and groups and communities are filled with real people wanting to do business, make purchases, sales, and even network.

When identifying a potential group, think: How can I be useful to this group? What type of content makes sense here, and what could I post once a week? What are the group's rules and conversation history?

Do what you love: Create content about what you understand and use trend frames as a way to leverage reach and awareness.

wellness marketing

You know the herd? Don't just follow it.

The more time you spend identifying market opportunities, evaluating what your competitors don't do, and using it as a strength for your company, or even deciphering your audience's real problems by interviewing people, the greater your impact on the market and people's lives.

Don't create reels just for the sake of creating.

Create because you believe in it. Identify which content you have the most authority on and speak most comfortably about, and start recording videos about it.

Short videos for Reels, TikTok, and Shorts serve to generate awareness. Long videos for YouTube or a blog serve to build authority and a fan base.

Start by doing what you can.

Define an adjective for your company and break down all content pieces under this adjective. For example, if you sell skincare, your adjective could be 'hydrated' or 'hydrate'.

✅Let's break down some content topics for you to understand how it works in practice.

✅ Tips on how to keep the skin hydrated

✅ When to identify that the skin is not hydrated

✅ Foods that help the skin stay hydrated

✅ Is there a relationship between the amount of water one should ingest and skin coloration?

✅ What hydration ritual should I perform after a night of heavy drinking?

✅ What not to do if I want to keep my skin hydrated?

✅ How to keep the skin hydrated without spending hours on a skincare ritual?

✅ What products are not good for skin hydration?

✅ Which products make the skin even more dry?

And so on...

Build your name: Find entrepreneurs, creators and people in the same situation and bring them close to you

wellness marketing

In the early stages of your business, it's important to connect with key people in your city, niche, or community.

Attend events, join healthy entrepreneurship communities, talk to people around you, demonstrate how passionate you are about what you do, showing that you genuinely want to help people.

Contact, eye contact, and a handshake have always been and always will be more impactful than any well-crafted post.

Some people may not advocate for this idea, but we do: make sure you have a physical business card, including 1 to 2 QR codes.

The first one can direct to your WhatsApp, and the second one to the landing page of your product/service. Include a impactful sentence that makes the person reading it feel interested.

Avoid too much information on the card.

Furthermore, make sure you know exactly what to answer when someone asks things like:

🤔 What do you do?

🤔 Who is your target audience?

🤔 Why should I buy from you?

🤔 How do you make my life easier?

In summary... Wellness marketing can be easier.

Here's my tips for Success:

- Consistency is Key: Stick to your chosen cadence to build anticipation.

- Segmentation: Tailor content based on subscriber preferences or behaviours.

- Quality over Quantity: Focus on delivering valuable, relevant content.

- Feedback Loop: Encourage subscriber feedback to refine your approach.

Overall, give your business a heartbeat with those free marketing strategies, let your business shine on Google – it's like giving it a virtual stage spotlight. Boost local love and make sure your business pops up when people are searching. Enhance your networking by attending events and being present in communities. Also, spend your energy creating just what you believe. Do it for your audience, its pains and for you, not only for trending.

With these free strategies, not only boost your online presence but also make your business feel like a friend – always there, always welcoming. If you're keen to discover more about our streamlined and efficient marketing program designed specifically for wellness businesses which includes landing page development, marketing strategy and industry insights, storytelling video production, Facebook & Google Ads campaigns and influence marketing, click on the link below.

We will give you time and effectiveness, money and peace of mind.

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