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How to apply guerrilla marketing in early-stage businesses?

Atualizado: 17 de nov. de 2023

In the world of marketing, where strategies evolve rapidly, guerrilla marketing emerges as a refreshing approach that captivates audiences through unconventional methods. With its focus on innovation and creativity, guerrilla marketing offers a remarkable way to engage potential customers in unexpected ways.

Guerrilla marketing is a strategic concept that challenges traditional marketing norms.

It thrives on ingenuity and often employs low-cost tactics to create a high-impact buzz. This dynamic approach transforms mundane surroundings into platforms for marketing brilliance. From flash mobs in public spaces to eye-catching street art, guerrilla marketing captivates and disrupts, leaving a lasting mark on the minds of consumers.

Employing guerrilla marketing involves breaking free from conventional advertising techniques.

By thinking outside the box, businesses can create memorable experiences that spark conversations. Marketers can leverage this approach to reach new audiences and breathe new life into their brand message. By incorporating guerrilla marketing tactics into broader marketing strategies, businesses can achieve enhanced brand awareness and customer engagement.

Let’s see a real example made by Ben & Jerry's that we came across at Bondi Beach, the most famous Australian beach?


Turning a bus stop into a melted ice cream pot. And there’s one trigger here: the shop is just across the street.

Bondi's marketing case - Ben & Jerry's
Bondi's marketing case - Ben & Jerry's

Bondi's marketing case - Ben & Jerry's
Bondi's marketing case - Ben & Jerry's

Bondi's marketing case - Ben & Jerry's
Bondi's marketing case - Ben & Jerry's

If you already do digital marketing such as paid advertising don’t forget to read our article teaching techniques that we apply to enhance ads performance. Learn how strategic adjustments can elevate your marketing endeavors, aligning them with guerrilla marketing principles for even greater impact.

In summary, guerrilla marketing is not a cheap strategy as it requests a lot of planning, time, people and some outdoor space - but can easily elevate the awareness and consideration of your brand for those who might need to see it.

Here are small steps that you could apply to start planning your guerrilla marketing

Why: Start understanding the purpose of your outbound action

How: After that see what’s required to make it real

For who: Who’s your target audience? Where they are? What they like?

How much: Plan your budget and stick to the plan

When: When is the best time to do your guerrilla marketing? Summer? Winter? Weekend or weekdays?

What: After planning all of the costs, audience and purpose it’s time to thing on the guerrilla itself.

Stakeholders: Who are the people that I need to make it happen?

Let’s illustrate?

Consider a local coffee shop that transforms a busy street corner into an impromptu outdoor café, complete with cozy seating and aromatic coffee scents. Passersby are invited to experience the brand firsthand, encouraging social media sharing and word-of-mouth recommendations. This innovative approach generates an immediate marketing buzz that resonates with the community.

In conclusion, guerrilla marketing stands as a compelling approach that defies the norm and fuels marketing ingenuity. It disrupts traditional marketing landscapes, leaving a memorable mark on audiences. For businesses seeking to invigorate their marketing efforts, embracing guerrilla tactics can lead to enhanced brand visibility and engagement. Remember to explore ways to integrate these strategies into your broader marketing framework and discover the endless possibilities they offer.

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