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How to get more clients without wasting money on useless marketing strategies?


You are not alone; your complaints echo those of many businesses. We can highlight at least two points that we've heard hundreds of times in the past four weeks:

'I'm tired of spending money and seeing no results.' or

'I've been just paying the agency, but I don't know what they are doing with my money.'

There's still existing efficient marketing professionals and you just found them.
We are Kofe Advertising, professionals that you can trust. We prioritise consistency and transparency to help you attract more clients to grow your money.

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Get 50% OFF on your marketing program!

We help you just by helping you with your marketing activities and routine. We do things differently, carefully. Schedule a brainstorm session with us for FREE to discover how Kofe could help you to grow your business or projects.

What do I get from the
marketing program?

  • Onboarding (create shareable Google Drive folder to organise marketing documents and ClickUp for task management)

  • Website audit (ensure a high-converting and friendly user experience)

  • Build business mind mapping (clear and organised vision of processes, products, audience and everything)

  • Set SMART goals for either short and long-term

  • Conduct monthly benchmarking to have fresh ideas

  • Creation of 8 statics per month using information and the brand's purpose in order to foster community

  • Creation of 4 60s video per month to share on Instagram Reels, TikTok and Youtube Shorts in order to maximise reach

  • Kofe to support your business challenges bringing strategies, tools, opportunities (monthly brainstorm session (2h))

  • Define a monthly concept/idea for our organic and paid marketing campaign

  • Organise a specific day in the month to produce content (feed + reels + story)

  • Ads management through Facebook, Instagram, and Google in order to generate messages and leads (demand generation)

  • Ensure weekly and accurate data interpretation in order to create data-driven strategies (reporting)

  • A marketing team that offers you daily support and assistance in order to optimise your strategies, products, and marketing

From $6,450 to only $3,225 per month

+ efficiency
+ insights
+ productivity
+ creativity
+ time
+ organisation
+ performance

+ prospects
+ revenue
= peace of mind

Why should I consider to work with Kofe?

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Good people. Fresh ideas. Clever strategy.

We truly believe that our long-time relationship with our clients is a result of our transparency, proactiveness, efficiency, creativeness, and deep understanding of business strategy and advertising tools (Ads).

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We've successfully delivered narratives and performance
for memorable

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1. Do I have to pay something for the brainstorm session?

No, it's 100% free and you don't have to pay anything.

2. How long the brainstorm session will take from my time?

Only 35-40 minutes.

3. What can I expect from it?

Insights about your market, digital marketing landscape and opportunities, data, statistic and strategies that you can apply by yourself.

- Only 4 spots remaining -

Get 50% OFF

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